Expo + Firebase Auth

Add phone auth to your Expo app in 10ish minutes

Add Firebase SMS authentication to your React Native app in a few lines, without detaching from Expo.

We handle the backend and provide UI components for Firebase phone auth.

We do the annoying parts, like texting your users, verifying their numbers, and integrating with Firebase auth. We also give you awesome customizable UI components.

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Made for Expo & Firebase Auth.

How It Works


Enter phone number

Your users enter their phone number in your app.


Receive 6-digit code

Our backend texts them a one-time verification code.


Verify phone number

Users enter the code in your app, and we give you a custom Firebase auth token to sign them in.

Build an auth flow in 3 lines. Customize what you want.

Import our awesome UI components.

Make components fit your app's design.

We text users a one-time code.

...and sign them in when they verify their phone number.

Unleash the best user experience

Phone auth > email signups

if (phoneAuth > emailSignUps) signUpForDoorman()
No pesky emails or passwords to forget.
Code one flow
The same onboarding flow for both sign ups and log ins.
Codes automatically appear above user keyboards.
How to get started

Adding auth to your app is easy.


Create a free Doorman account.

Sign up in seconds.


Run the Doorman CLI.

Use our one-step install in the root of your React Native app.


Import Doorman into your Expo code.

Your Expo app now allows users to sign in via SMS.
Sit back and enjoy your secure app! 🎉
Why Doorman?

We take away the stress of building secure, beautiful auth.

Fully flexible.
Leverage our React hooks and components, make it fully custom, or anywhere in between.
Code faster.
Building auth into your app suddenly takes minutes, so you can focus on building actual features.
Works with expo.
Don't let auth be the reason you detach.


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Made with _heart emojis_ by YC founders who are tired of re-making auth for every pivot.